simulator shows i should use 2tier19 and 0tier20 for Tos

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simulator shows i should use 2tier19 and 0tier20 for Tos

Сообщение JohnHale » 30 апр 2018, 16:38


I know that things might change when Tos goes live and that simulators could be wrong atm.The problem is that i am trying to make a list with the bis gear for my arcane mage for tos
simulator shows that the ideal gear is to keep my tier19 shoulders+chest(915and925ilvl)and rest of the gear should be random pieces with 0 ZERO tier 20 items equipped.
This sim(with heroic tos gear)gives me around 1.210.000dps while if i manually put 4tier20 pieces for the bonus the dps drops significantly.
Any advice on what i should do?should i wait and run sim on wednesday before raid or i go and clear heroic tos take the items that sim tells me to take and take the huge risk(if sim is wrong)to leave myself with 0tier20 items?

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Thank you.
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