Optical Cables & TOS Link Cables

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Optical Cables & TOS Link Cables

Сообщение spadekevin » 28 июн 2018, 12:15


I have optical inputs on my receiver and I buy a TOS cable I can connect my sound card which has SPDIF out, correct?
Second, how far can I send optical audio signals? I would love to send it from my office to my home theatre closet where my central audio system is but it would probably be over 60 feet by the time I wired through the walls, crawl space, etc. Third, I am guessing that 60 feet will be pretty expensive. Can I make these cheaper? Fourth, is this the best way to send audio from a computer to a reciver? I used to use plain old RCA cables, but I was hoping to increase the sound quality. The RCA cables were 4 or 5 cables connected together so perhaps getting one 50FT RCA cable might improve the quality since it won't be going through so many connections.

Please help.

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https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic ... 6&t=534961
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